£50k for Rae from Cameron Mckenna, MCM and KKS

In July this year Duncan Weston, managing partner at law firm CMS joined a group of 22 volunteers who travelled to Kisumu, near Lake Victoria in Kenya, to take part in the ‘Rafiki’ programme.

Inspired by the experience, Duncan organised for the CMS Academy and the architect firms MCM and KKS to donate £50k which will be used to invest in Early Childhood Development infrastructure in the Rae Community.  The donation covers the construction of 6 classrooms at 2 schools.

Numerous studies by international development agencies, charities such as World Vision and Save the Children, universities and the World Bank show the cost benefits of investing in the early years of education. In the first ten years alone this £50k investment will ensure that over one thousand children will have access to education in facilities that are fit for the purpose of nurturing the youngest members of the community and giving them the best chance of success at primary and secondary levels and beyond.

The next Footsteps Rafiki programme is currently being planned for May 2016. It is an extraordinary trip. You will have the opportunity to be creative, imaginative and playful and more importantly to connect with people and make a difference that will last well beyond the time that you are in Kenya.

If you would like more information please contact suzanne@footstepsuk.org