Building Projects

Footsteps Vocational Training Centre gains an agricultural faculty

After months of work and planning, we at Footsteps were finally able to open our extension to the Katito Vocational Training Centre facility.

The new piece of land, a short drive from the existing facility, will be dedicated to agricultural studies and is also the location for a new girl’s dormitory and matron’s house.

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Fabulous fundraising dinner brings in £15000

Thanks so much to everyone who joined us at The Lighthouse on Sunday evening, 13th November 2016!

The evening was a great success again with fabulous people and wonderful food and service from Hugo and his team.

Thanks also to the volunteers from Rafiki 2017 Oliver Godding, Nicky Pollard, Alex Arnold, Matthew Burditt, Ed Wilkinson and Olivia Greenwell, who worked hard to help with fundraising on the evening.

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Extraordinary grant received to develop the Katito Vocational Training College

As our regular followers will know, our strategy started off supporting first children, then primary schools, then we moved on to a medical facility and secondary schools and then, in our final phase of what we hope has been a holistic approach to community development, we have expanded our support to the former village polytechnic which now goes by the much grander name of the “Katito Vocational Training College”.

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New classroom for St Aloys Secondary School

Our programme of work continues steadily.  The latest school that we've taken under our wing is the St. Aloys Secondary School.  It is the second secondary school we are supporting, following classrooms and dormitories built at Magunga Secondary School.

In the next years a number of the children on our sponsorship programme will be attending this place so we'd like to make it nice for them!


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Nursery block completed at Rae Mixed Primary

Following a donation of £50,000 last year from CMS, the final phase of building work - three classrooms at Rae Mixed Primary - are now all finished and being used.

With the money we were able to:
Build from scratch 3 classrooms at Monica's school - Rae Primary.
Finish the block of 3 classrooms at Rae Mixed Primary.
Bring to an acceptable standard 3 classrooms at Wenwa Primary school.
Do some urgently needed repairs to the administration block at Rae Mixed.

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£50k for Rae from Cameron Mckenna, MCM and KKS

In July this year Duncan Weston, managing partner at law firm CMS joined a group of 22 volunteers who travelled to Kisumu, near Lake Victoria in Kenya, to take part in the ‘Rafiki’ programme.

Inspired by the experience, Duncan organised for the CMS Academy and the architect firms MCM and KKS to donate £50k which will be used to invest in Early Childhood Development infrastructure in the Rae Community.  The donation covers the construction of 6 classrooms at 2 schools.

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£10k from the Laing Family Trust to build classrooms at Magunga Secondary School

The overcrowding of classrooms in Magunga Secondary School is extraordinary and the more Footsteps works with the school, the more the enrolment increases and so the more strain is put on the teaching infrastructure.  In this context classrooms are taking twice the numbers of students they were designed for while other classes have to be taught under trees and in the dining area because there’s just not enough room.

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Footsteps Vocational Training Centre opens in Katito

July 2015

Not every child at school goes on to be doctor or a pilot, but everyone can earn a living and make a contribution to their community if they have the skills.  Recognising this, Footsteps’ strategy has led us to partner with the local technical training college in Katito, previously known as the Katito Village Polytechnic.  Investment of £28k raised over the last year allowed Footsteps to build a block of three classrooms and renovate three more, all 6 of which will allow the facility to provide a good environment for teaching skills such as: building technology, motor mechanics, dressmaking, electrical engineering, hair dressing and beauty therapy, food processing and computer technology.

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Ground broken for boys’ dormitory by local MP and Rafiki volunteers

July 2015

We like to give our Rafiki volunteers some unique memories and things to think about when they return to their daily lives.  Partly we do this by showing them how the money raised by Footsteps that is targeted towards infrastructure development makes an immediate difference to the lives of people in the communities where we work.

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Four new classrooms at Rae and Kobeto

July 2014

Our school make-over programme continues steadily and January saw the completion and handing over of four new classrooms.

Rae Primary School now counts on eight pristine classrooms paid for by Footsteps supporters and Kobeto has two.  Fortunately the work doesn’t stop there either.  We have funds in place to build two more classrooms at Rae and to finish off the partially built structure of six classrooms at Kobeto.

Work is expected to start in the second quarter of 2014 and be ready by July when our Rafiki Programme takes place.

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