Buy a desk

Our problem

We started Footsteps by building classrooms and moved on to building blocks of classrooms and now we often aim to completely re-build a whole school. The provision of substantial, safe and waterproof classrooms is making a huge difference to the education of hundreds of poor children in Kenya. Many people have donated their time and funds to make this happen but we are often asked,

"What can our children do to help"?

We thought long and hard about this and came up with an idea. Although there are now many more good classrooms in place, there is often a dire shortage of desks, so we have set up a scheme where we can accept donations specifically aimed at buying desks. We also thought it would be great if the donors could be recognised on the desk in some way. So here's how it works.

Buy a desk scheme

Send us a donation of £10 and we'll do the following:

  • we'll organise for a desk to be constructed by local people in Kenya and deliver it to one of our schools
  • we'll paint each desk with the name of the donor
  • and we'll send you a cuddly toy with its very own, detachable, "I bought a desk for Footsteps", lapel badge

How do I donate?

Simply send

  • your name
  • your email address
  • the name you want on your desk
  • your donation

to your scheme organiser/school, or email and we'll do the rest.